359 God of the prophets, bless the prophet's heirs

The Hymnal 1982 359

God of the prophets, bless the prophet's heirs

Denis Wortman, 1835-1922; Carl P. Daw, Jr., b. 1944
Charles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944
Tune Source(s)
Pseaumes octante trois de David, 1551, abridged (melody)

1 God of the prophets, bless the prophets' heirs! Elijah's mantle o'er Elisha cast: each age for thine own solemn task prepares, make each one stronger, nobler than the last.

2 Anoint them prophets! Teach them thine intent: to human need their quickened hearts awake; fill them with power, their lips make eloquent for righteousness that shall all evil break.

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4 Anoint them kings! Yea, kingly kings, O Lord! Anoint them with the Spirit of thy Son: theirs not a monarch's crown or tyrant's sword; theirs by the love of Christ a kingdom won.

5 Make them apostles, heralds of thy cross; forth may they go to tell all realms thy grace: inspired of thee, may they count all but loss, and stand at last with joy before thy face.

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