97 Dost thou in a manger lie

The Hymnal 1982 97

Dost thou in a manger lie

dies est laetitiae
Jean Mauburn, 1460-1503; Elizabeth Rundle Charles, 1828-1896
Jack W. Burnam, b. 1946
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1. Dost thou in a manger lie, who hast all created, stretching infant hands on high, Savior, long awaited? If a monarch, where thy state? Where thy court on thee to wait? Scepter, crown, and sphere? Here no regal pomp we see, nought but need and penury: why thus cradled here?

2. “For the world a love supreme brought me to this stable; all creation to redeem I alone am able. By this lowly birth of mine, sinner, riches shall be thine, matchless gifts and free; willingly this yoke I take, and this sacrifice I make, heaping joys for thee.”

3. Christ we praise with voices bold, laud and honor raising; for these mercies manifold join the hosts in praising: Father, glory be to thee for the wondrous charity of thy Son, our Lord. Better witness to thy worth, purer praise than ours on earth. angels' songs afford.

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