77 From east to west, from shore to shore

The Hymnal 1982 77

From east to west, from shore to shore

von himmel kam der engel schar
Caelius Sedulius, 5th cent.; John Ellerton, 1826-1893
Tune Source(s)
Unknown source

1 From east to west, from shore to shore, let every heart awake and sing the holy child whom Mary bore, the Christ, the everlasting King.

2 Behold, the world's creator wears the form and fashion of a slave; our very flesh our Maker shares, his fallen creatures all to save.

3 For this how wondrously he wrought! A maid in lowly human place became, in ways beyond all thought, the chosen vessel of his grace.

4 And while the angels in the sky sang praise above the silent field, to shepherds poor the Lord Most High, the one great Shepherd, was revealed.

5 All glory for this blessed morn to God the Father ever be; all praise to thee, O Virgin-born, all praise, O Holy Ghost, to thee.

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