5 O splendor of God's glory bright

The Hymnal 1982 5

O splendor of God's glory bright

splendor paternae gloriae
Ambrose of Milan, 340-397; Robert Seymour Bridges, 1844-1930
Richard Proulx, 1937-
Tune Source(s)
Plainsong, Mode 1, Worcester MS., 13th cent.

1 O splendor of God's glory bright, O thou that bringest light from light, O Light of Light, light's living spring, O Day, all days illumining,

2 O thou true Sun of heavenly love, pour down thy radiance from above: the Spirit's sanctifying beam upon our earthly senses stream.

3 With prayer the Father we implore: O Father, glorious evermore, we plead with thee for grace and power to conquer in temptation's hour.

4 to guide whate'er we nobly do, with love all envy to subdue, and give us grace our wrongs to bear, to make ill-fortune turn to fair.

5 All laud to God the Father be; all praise, eternal Son, to thee; all glory to the Spirit raise in equal and unending praise.

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