364 O God, we praise thee, and confess

The Hymnal 1982 364

O God, we praise thee, and confess

Thomas Ravenscroft, 1592?-1635?
Text Source(s)
Te Deum (para.); A Supplement to the New Version of the Psalms of David, 1698, alt. (st. 1-5); Hymnal 1982 (st. 6-8, ver.)
Tune Source(s)
Hymnal 1982 (harm.)

1 O God, we praise thee; and confess that thou the only Lord and everlasting Father art, by all the earth adored.

2 To thee all angels cry aloud; to thee the powers on high, both cherubim and seraphim, continually do cry:

3 O holy, holy, holy Lord, whom heavenly hosts obey, the world is with the glory filled of thy majestic sway!

4 The apostles' glorious company, and prophets crowned with light, with all the martyrs' noble host, thy constant praise recite.

5 The holy church in faith proclaims, thy Son who for us died, also the Holy Comforter, our advocate and guide.

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