361 Only begotten, Word of God eternal

The Hymnal 1982 361

Only begotten, Word of God eternal

caelitum joseph
Maxwell Julius Blacker, 1822-1888
Text Source(s)
Latin, ca. 9th cent.
Tune Source(s)
Plainsong, mode 1; Schola Antiqua, 1983 (ver.)

1 Only-begotten, Word of God eternal, Lord of Creation, merciful and mighty, hear now thy servants when their joyful voices rise to thy presence.

2 This is thy temple; here thy presence chamber; here may thy servants, at the mystic banquet, humbly adoring, take thy Body broken, drink of thy chalice.

3 Here in our sickness healing grace aboundeth, light in our blindness, in our toil refreshment: sin is forgiven, hope o'er fear prevaileth, joy over sorrow.

4 Hallowed this dwelling where the Lord abideth, this is none other than the gate of heaven; strangers and pilgrims, seeking homes eternal, pass through its portals.

5 Lord, we beseech thee, as we throng thy temple, by thy past blessings, by thy present bounty, favor thy children, and with tender mercy hear our petitions.

6 God in three Persons, Father everlasting, Son co-eternal, ever-blessèd Spirit, thine be the glory, praise and adoration, now and for ever.

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