308 O Food to pilgrims given

The Hymnal 1982 308

O Food to pilgrims given

psalm 6
John Athelstan Lurie Riley, 1858-1945
7.7.6 D
Text Source(s)
Latin, 1661
Tune Source(s)
Les cent cinquante Pseaumes de David, 1564, alt.

1. O food to pilgrims given, O bread of life from heaven, O manna from on high! We hunger; Lord, supply us, nor thy delights deny us, whose hearts to thee draw nigh.

2. O stream of love past telling, O purest fountain, welling from out the Savior's side! We faint with thirst; revive us, of thine abundance give us, and all we need provide.

3. O Jesus, by thee bidden, we here adore thee, hidden in forms of bread and wine. Grant when the veil is risen, we may behold, in heaven, thy countenance divine.

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