300 Glory, love, and praise, and honor

The Hymnal 1982 300

Glory, love, and praise, and honor

Charles Wesley, 1707-1788
Francis B. Westbrook (1903-1975)
Meter D

1. Glory, love, and praise, and honor for our food now bestowed render we the Donor. Bounteous God, we now confess thee: God who thus blessest us, right it is to bless thee.

2. Thankful for our every blessing, let us sing Christ the Spring, never, never ceasing. Source of all our gifts and graces, Christ we own; Christ alone calls for all our praises.

3. He dispels our sin and sadness, life imparts, cheers our hearts, fills with food and gladness. Who himself for all hath given, us he feeds, us he leads to a feast in heaven.

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