285 What thanks and praise to thee we owe

The Hymnal 1982 285

What thanks and praise to thee we owe

deus tuorum militum
William Dalrymple Maclagan, 1826-1910
Basil Harwood, 1859-1949
Tune Source(s)
Antiphoner, 1753 (melody); ; The English Hymnal, 1906, alt. (adapted), harm. after Basil Harwood

1. What thanks and praise to thee we owe, eternal God and Word divine, for Luke, thy saint through whom we know so many gracious words of thine.

2. O happy saint! his sacred page, so rich in words of truth and love, pours on the Church from age to age the healing unction from above.

3. Historian of the Savior's life, the great apostle's chosen friend, through weary years of toil and strife was still found faithful to the end.

4. So grant us, Lord, like him to live, beloved on earth, approved by thee, till thou at last the summons give, and we, with him, thy face shall see.

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