281 He sat to watch o'er customs paid

The Hymnal 1982 281

He sat to watch o'er customs paid

William Bright, 1824-1901
Felix Mendelssohn, 1804-1847
Tune Source(s)
Lochamer Gesangbuch, 1450?, alt. (melody)

1. He sat to watch o'er customs paid, a man of scorned and hardening trade, alike the symbol and the tool of foreign master's hated rule.

2. But grace within his heart had stirred, there needed but the timely word; it came, true Lord of souls, from thee, that royal summons, “Follow me.”

3. Enough, when thou wast passing by, to hear thy voice, to meet thine eye; he rose, responsive to the call, and left his task, his gains, his all.

4. O wise exchange! with these to part, and lay up treasures in the heart; let them of Matthew's wealth partake, who yield up all for Jesus' sake.

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