276 For thy blest saints, a noble throng

The Hymnal 1982 276

For thy blest saints, a noble throng

dunlap's creek
Cecil Francis Alexander, 1818-1895
Freeman Lewis, 1780-1859; Margaret W. Mealy, b. 1922

1. For thy blest saints, a noble throng, who fell by fire and sword, or early died or flourished long, we praise thy Name, 0 Lord;

2. For James who left his father's side, not lingering by the sea: he heard what could not be denied, thy summons, “Follow me;”

3. he stood with thee beside the dead; he climbed the mount with thee, and saw the glory round thy head, one of thy chosen three;

4. he knelt beneath the olive shade, he drank thy cup of pain, and slain by Herod's flashing blade he saw thy face again.

5. Lord, may we learn to drink thy cup, and meek and firm be found, when thou shalt come to take us up where thine elect are crowned.

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