269 Hail Mary, full of grace

The Hymnal 1982 269

Hail Mary, full of grace

den des vaters sinn geboren
Vincent Stuckey Stratton Coles, 1845-1929; F. Bland Tucker, 1895-1984
Conrad Kocher, 1786-1872
Meter with refrain
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metrical Magnificat

1. Ye who claim the faith of Jesus, sing the wonders that were done when the love of God the Father over sin the victory won, when he made the Virgin Mary mother of his only Son.

2. Blessed were the chosen people out of whom the Lord did come; blessed was the land of promise fashioned for his earthly home; but more blessed far the mother, she who bare him in her womb.

3. Therefore let all faithful people sing the honor of her name; let the Church, in her foreshadowed, part in her thanksgiving claim; what Christ's mother sang in gladness let Christ's people sing the same.

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