255 We sing the glorious conquest

The Hymnal 1982 255

We sing the glorious conquest

John Ellerton, 1825-1893
Felix Mendelssohn, 1809-1847
Meter D
Tune Source(s)
Neu-vermehrtes und zu Ubung Christl. Gottseligkeit eingerichtetes Meiningisches Gesangbuch, 1693 (melody)

1. We sing the glorious conquest before Damascus' gate, when Saul, the church's spoiler came breathing fear and hate. God's light shone down from heaven and broke cross the path. His presence pierced and blinded the zealot in his wrath.

2. O voice that spake within him; O strong, reproving word; O Love that sought and held him a prisoner of his Lord; help us to know your kingship that we, in every hour, in all that may confront us, will trust your hidden power.

3. Your grace, by ways mysterious our sinful wrath can bind, and in those least expected true servants you can find. In us you seek disciples to share your cross and crown and give you final service in glory at your throne.

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