251 O God, whom neither time nor space

The Hymnal 1982 251

O God, whom neither time nor space

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Horace Smith, 1836-1922
John Playford, 1623-1686
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The Psalmes of David in Prose and Meeter, 1635, alt. (melody)

1. O God, whom neither time nor space can limit, hold, or bind, look down from heaven, thy dwelling place, with love for humankind.

2. Another year its course has run; thy loving care renew: forgive the ill that we have done, the good we failed to do.

3. In doubt or danger, all our days, be near to guard us still; let all our thoughts and all our ways be governed by thy will.

4. O help us here on earth to live from selfish passions free; to us at last in mercy give eternal life with thee.

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