249 To the Name of our salvation

The Hymnal 1982 249

To the Name of our salvation

Text Source(s)
Latin, 15th cent.; Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861 (tr.)
Tune Source(s)
Chants ordinaires de l'Office Divin,1881 (melody); Songs of Praise, 1925 (harm.)

1. To the Name of our salvation laud and honor let us pay, which for many a generation hid in God's foreknowledge lay; but with holy exultation we may sing aloud today.

2. Jesus is the Name we treasure; Name beyond what words can tell; Name of gladness, Name of pleasure, ear and heart delighting well; Name of sweetness, passing measure, saving us from sin and hell.

.3 'Tis the Name that whoso preacheth speaks like music to the ear; who in prayer this Name beseecheth sweetest comfort findeth near; who its perfect wisdom reacheth, heavenly joy possesseth here.

4. Therefore we, in love adoring, this most blessed Name revere, holy Jesus, thee imploring so to write it in us here that hereafter, heavenward soaring, we may sing with angels there.

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