241 Hearken to the anthem glorious

The Hymnal 1982 241

Hearken to the anthem glorious

laus deo
Christopher Smart, 1722-1771
Richard Redhead, 1820-1901; Percy William Whitlock, 1903-1946

1. Hearken to the anthem glorious of the martyrs robed in white; they, like Christ, in death victorious dwell for ever in the light.

2. Living, they proclaimed salvation, heaven endowed with grace and power; and they died in imitation of their Savior's final hour.

3. Christ, for cruel traitors pleading, triumphed in his parting breath o'er all miracles preceding his inestimable death.

4. Take from him what ye will give him, of his fullness grace for grace; strive to think him, speak him, live him, till you find him face to face.

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