239 Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs

The Hymnal 1982 239

Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs

alta trinità beata
John Mason Neale, 1818-1866
Charles Burney, 1726-1814
Meter D
Text Source(s)
Latin, 12th Cent.
Tune Source(s)
Laudi Spirituali, 14th cent. (melody)

1. Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs, holy women, holy men, with affection's recollections greet we your return again. Worthy deeds they wrought, and wonders, worthy of the Name they bore; we, with meetest praise and sweetest, honor them for evermore.

2. Faith prevailing, hope unfailing, loving Christ with single heart, thus they, glorious and victorious bravely bore the martyr's part, by contempt of every anguish, by unyielding battle done; victors at the last, they triumph with the host of angels one.

3. Therefore, ye that reign in glory, fellow-heirs with Christ on high, join to ours your supplication when before him we draw nigh, praying that, this life completed, all its fleeting moments past, by his grace we may be worthy of eternal bliss at last.

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