209 We walk by faith, and not by sight

The Hymnal 1982 209

We walk by faith, and not by sight

st. botolph
Henry Alford, 1810-1871
Gordon Slater, 1896-1979

1. We walk by faith, and not by sight; no gracious words we hear from him who spoke as none e'er spoke; but we believe him near.

2. We may not touch his hands and side, nor follow where he trod; but in his promise we rejoice; and cry, “My Lord and God!”

3. Help then, O Lord, our unbelief; and may our faith abound, to call on you when you are near, and seek where you are found:

4. that, when our life of faith is done, in realms of clearer light we may behold you as you are, with full and endless sight.

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