190 Lift your voice rejoicing, Mary

The Hymnal 1982 190

Lift your voice rejoicing, Mary

fisk of gloucester
Elizabeth Rundle Charles, 1828-1896
Thomas Foster, b. 1938

1. Lift your voice rejoicing, Mary, Christ has risen from the tomb; on the cross a suffering victim, now as victor he is come. Whom your tears in death were mourning, welcome with your smiles returning. Let your alleluias rise!

2. Raise your weary eyelids, Mary, see him living evermore; see his countenance, how gracious, see the wounds for you he bore. All the glory of the morning pales before those wounds redeeming. Let your alleluias rise!

3. Life is yours for ever, Mary, for your light is come once more and the strength of death is broken; now your songs of joy outpour. Ended now the night of sorrow, love has brought the blessed morrow. Let your alleluias rise.

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