175 Hail thee, festival day

The Hymnal 1982 175

Hail thee, festival day

salve fest dies
Venantius Honorius Fortunatus, 540?-600?
Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1872-1958
Meter with refrain
Text Source(s)
The English Hymnal, 1906, alt. (tr.)

Refrain: Hail thee, festival day! blest day that art hallowed forever, day whereon Christ arose, breaking the kingdom of death

1. Lo, the fair beauty of earth, from the death of the winter arising! Every good gift of the year now with its Master returns: [Refrain]

2. He who was nailed to the cross is Lord and the ruler of nature; all things created on earth sing to the glory of God: [Refrain]

3. Daily the loveliness grows, adorned with glory of blossom; heaven her gates unbars, flinging her increase of light: [Refrain]

4. Rise from the grave now, O Lord, who art author of life and creation. Treading the pathway of death, life thou bestowest on all: [Refrain]

5. God the Creator, the Lord, who rulest the earth and the heavens, guard us from harm without; cleanse us from evil within: [Refrain]

6. Jesus the health of the world, enlighten our minds, thou Redeemer, Son of the Father supreme, only-begotten of God: [Refrain]

7. Spirit of life and of power, now flow in us, fount of our being, light that dost enlighten all, life that in all dost abide: [Refrain]

8. Praise to the giver of good! Thou Love who art author of concord, pour out thy balm on our souls, order our ways in thy peace: [Refrain]

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