123 Alleluia, song of gladness

The Hymnal 1982 123

Alleluia, song of gladness

tibi christe splendor patris
John Mason Neale, 1818-1866
Richard Proulx, b. 1937; Jackson Hill, b. 1941
Text Source(s)
Latin, 11th cent.
Tune Source(s)
Schola Antiqua, 1983 (ver.); Plainsong, Mode 2, Moissac MS, 12th cent.

1. Alleluia, song of gladness, voice of joy that cannot die; alleluia is the anthem ever raised by choirs on high; in the house of God abiding thus they sing eternally.

2. Alleluia thou resoundest, true Jerusalem and free; alleluia, joyful mother, all thy children sing with thee; but by Babylon's sad waters mourning exiles now are we.

3. Alleluia though we cherish and would chant for evermore alleluia in our singing, let us for a while give o'er, as our Savior in his fasting pleasures of the world forbore.

4. Therefore in our hymns we pray thee, grant us, blessed Trinity, at the last to keep thine Easter with thy faithful saints on high; there to thee for ever singing alleluia joyfully.

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